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SME IPO 2022

SME IPO means little and medium enterprises. Last Year there were less number of IPO hitting the market yet in 2022 we can expect more SME IPOs coming up. One SME organization can list in either in BSE or in the NSE stage. The little and medium scale organizations who need assets to extend their business can come up with an offer to be purchased by means of BSE SME or NSE SME. There are not many little names that can be a greater one and SME gives the stage to these organizations. Here is the rundown of Upcoming and Latest SME IPOs which are dispatching their proposal in 2022.

SME IPO in 2022

SME IPOsDatesPriceIPO SizePlatform
SVS Ventures30-04 Jan₹20₹11.24 CrBSE SME
Rex Sealing and Packing Industries30-04 Jan₹135₹8.09 CrBSE SME
RBM Infracon23-27 Dec₹36₹8.37 CrNSE SME
Moxsh Overseas Educon21-23 Dec₹153₹10.42 CrNSE SME
Homesfy Realty21-23 Dec₹197₹15.86 CrNSE SME
Arihant Academy16-21 Dec₹90₹14.72 CrNSE SME
Uma Converter15-21 Dec₹33₹18.41 CrNSE SME
Dollex Agrotech15-20 Dec₹35₹24.39 CrNSE SME
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations13-15 Dec₹54 ₹33.97 CrBSE SME
All E Technologies09-13 Dec₹90₹48.20 CrNSE SME
Gargi Fashion Jewellery IPO08-13 Dec₹30₹7.80 CrBSE SME
Arham Technologies 05-07 Dec₹42₹9.58 CrNSE SME
Baheti Recycling Industries28-30 Nov₹45₹12.42 CrNSE SME
Pritika Engineering Components25-30 Nov₹29₹9.42 Cr. NSE SME
AMBO Agritec21-24 Nov₹30₹10.20 CrBSE SME
Amiable Logistics02-07 Nov₹81₹4..37 CrNSE SME
Technopack Polymers02-07 Nov₹55₹7.87 CrBSE SME
DAPS Advertising31-03 Nov₹30₹5.10 CrBSE SME
Vital Chemtech31-03 Nov₹101₹64.64NSE SME
Rite Zone Chemcon31-02 Nov₹75₹8.96 CrNSE SME
Integrated Personnel Services31-02 Nov₹59₹12.74 CrNSE SME
Phantom Digital Effects12-14 Oct ₹95₹29.10 CrNSE SME
Frog Cellsat29-04 Oct₹102 ₹41.57 CrNSE SME
Pace E-Commerce Ventures29-04 Oct₹103₹66.53 CrBSE SME
Vedant Asset30-04 Oct₹40₹3.00 CrBSE SME
Swastik Pipe29-03 Oct₹100₹62.52 CrNSE SME
Cargosol Logistics28-30 Sept₹28₹7.56 CrBSE SME
Silicon Rental Solutions28-30 Sept₹78₹21.15 CrBSE SME
Lloyds Luxuries28-30 Sept₹40₹24.00 CrNSE SME
Indong Tea Company27-30 Sept₹26₹13.01 CrBSE SME
Trident Lifeline26-29 Sept₹101 ₹35.34 CrBSE SME
Reetech International Cargo27-29 Sept₹105₹11.71 CrBSE SME
Cargotrans Maritime27-29 Sept₹45₹4.86 CrBSE SME
Steelman Telecom26-29 Sept₹96₹26.02 CrBSE SME
Concord Control Systems27-29 Sept₹53 to ₹55₹8.31 CrBSE SME
Maagh Advertising26-29 Sept₹60₹9.12 CrBSE SME
QMS Medical Allied27-30 Sept₹121₹56.87 CrNSE SME
Cyber Media Research 27-29 Sept₹171 to ₹180₹14.04 CrNSE SME
Mafia Trends22-27 Sept₹28₹3.60 CrBSE SME
Insolation Energy26-29 Sept₹36 to ₹38 ₹22.16 CrBSE SME
Kandarp Digi Smart BPO16-20 Sept₹30₹8.10 CrNSE SME
Maks Energy Solutions16-20 Sept₹20₹4.00 CrNSE SME
Varanium Cloud16-20 Sept₹122₹36.60 CrNSE SME
Tapi Fruit Processing12-14 Sept₹48₹5.21 CrNSE SME
Annapurna Swadisht 15-19 Sept₹68 to ₹70₹30.25 CrNSE SME
Ishan International9-14 Sept₹80₹18.24 CrNSE SME
Sabar Flex India8-13 Sept₹11₹4.48 CrNSE SME
Shantidoot Infra Services6-9 Sept₹81₹4.02 CrBSE SME
Infurnia Holdings6-9 Sept₹10₹38.20 CrBSE SME
Viviana Power Tech5-8 Sept₹55₹8.80 CrNSE SME
Mega Flex Plastics6-9 Sept₹40₹11.40 CrNSE SME
Virtuoso Optoelectronics2-7 Sept₹56₹30.24 CrBSE SME
EP Biocomposites 29-5 Sept₹126 ₹6.35 CrBSE SME
Jay Jalaram Technologies26-30 August₹36 ₹10.80 CrNSE SME
Dipna Pharmachem 25-30 August₹38 ₹15.21 CrBSE SME
Ameya Precision Engineers25-30 August₹34₹7.14 CrNSE SME
Rhetan TMT22-25 August₹70₹56.00 CrBSE SME
Naturo Indiabull22-24 August₹30 ₹10.92 CrBSE SME
JFL Life Sciences25-30 August₹61₹18.17 CrNSE SME
SKP Bearing Industries30-05 July₹70₹30.80 CrNSE SME
Mangalam Worldwide30-04 July₹101₹65.58 CrNSE SME
Sailani Tours N Travels27-30 June₹15₹1.90 CrBSE SME
Modis Navnirman Ltd23-28 June₹180₹22.68 CrBSE SME
KCK Industries Ltd27-30 June₹30₹4.50 CrNSE SME
Goel Food Products15-20 June₹60₹6.02 CrBSE SME
Scarnose International14-17 June₹55₹6.60 CrBSE SME
Silver Pearl Hospitality06-09 June₹18₹9.00 CrBSE SME
Fidel Softech30-02 June₹37 ₹13.51 CrNSE SME
Globesecure Technologies 23-25 May₹29₹10.13 CrNSE SME
Rachana Infrastructure20-25 May₹138₹77.97 CrNSE SME
Sonu Infratech IPO29-05 May₹36 ₹8.64 CrNSE SME
Le Merite Exports25-28 April₹75₹48.00 CrNSE SME
Nanavati Ventures25-27 April₹50 ₹2.18 CrBSE SME
Fone4 Communications25-27 April₹10 ₹6.80 CrBSE SME
Global Longlife Hospital21-25 April₹140 ₹49.00 CrBSE SME
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions20-25 April₹45₹2.51 CrBSE SME
Eighty Jewellers31-05 April₹41₹11.07 CrBSE SME
Jeena Sikho30-07 April₹150₹55.50 CrNSE SME
Sunrise Efficient Marketing30-05 April₹121 ₹16.70 CrBSE SME
Dhyaani Tile 30-04 April₹51₹2.45 CrBSE SME
Krishna Defence25-29 Mar₹37 to ₹39₹11.89 CrNSE SME
Shigan Quantum Technologies28-03 Mar₹50₹22.70 CrNSE SME
Ekennis Software IPO21-24 Feb₹72₹2.88 CrBSE SME
Richa Info Systems IPO09-11 Feb₹125₹10.00 CrNSE SME
Maruti Interior Products Limited03-08 Feb₹55₹11.00 CrBSE SME
Quality RO Industries27-01 Feb₹51 ₹2.70 CrBSE SME
Safa Systems 28-01 Feb₹10 ₹4.00 CrBSE SME
Precision Metaliks Limited19-24 Jan₹51₹21.93 CrNSE SME
Alkosign Limited18-21 Jan₹45₹12.15 CrBSE SME
Dj Mediaprint FPO Limited18-20 Jan₹125₹15.00 Cr BSE SME

Note for the Investors:

  • The upcoming SME IPO Calendar is based on the news we get from the internet, so dates might vary sometimes.
  • We are giving just information about upcoming SME IPOs with details. We do not trade or offer any grey market premium or Kostak rates for any IPO.

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