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SME IPO Allotment Status 2023

SME IPO Allotment Status 2023 | Investors can find out exactly how many shares were allocated to them in an IPO by checking their allotment status (IPO). The IPO registrar is responsible for the allotment process. The allotment date for an initial public offering (IPO) is the date on which the allotment status is made public via the IPO registrar’s website.

There is a public record of the registrar’s IPO allotment calculation in the basis of allotment document. Once the allotment is complete, investors can verify their IPO allocation by visiting the registrar’s website (e.g., Linkintime or Karvy).

In addition, BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL update IPO investors via email and SMS on the latest IPO allotment status.

SME IPO Allotment Status 2023

Company NameIPO DateIPO Price (₹)Allotment Link
Retina Paints IPO19-24 Apr₹30Bigshare
Quicktouch Technologies IPO17-21 Apr₹61Skyline
A G Universal IPO11-13 Apr ₹60Skyline
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components IPO05-12 Apr ₹50Bigshare
Sancode Technologies IPO31-06 Apr₹47Bigshare
Exhicon Events Media Solutions IPO31-05 Apr₹64Linkintime
MOS Utility IPO31-06 Apr ₹76Skyline
Sotac Pharmaceuticals IPO29-03 Apr₹111KFintech
Infinium Pharmachem IPO31-05 Mar₹135Bigshare
Maiden Forgings IPO23-27 Mar₹63Maashitla
Command Polymers IPO17-21 Mar₹28KFintech
Dev Labtech Venture IPO17-21 Mar₹51Linkintime
Nirman Agri Genetics IPO15-20 Mar ₹99Bigshare
Bright Outdoor Media IPO14-17 Mar₹146Bigshare
Quality Foils India IPO14-16 Mar₹60Bigshare
Labelkraft Technologies IPO13-15 Mar₹55Bigshare
VELS Film International IPO10-14 Mar₹99Cameo
Sudarshan Pharma Industries IPO09-14 Mar₹73KFintech
Prospect Commodities IPO08-10 Mar₹61Bigshare
MCON Rasayan IPO06-10 Mar₹40Linkintime
Vertexplus Technologies IPO02-06 Mar₹96Skyline
Systango Technologies IPO02-06 Mar₹90Bigshare
ResGen IPO28Feb-2Mar₹47Bigshare
ITCONS E-Solutions IPO28Feb-2Mar₹51Cameo
Amanaya Ventures IPO24-28 Feb₹23Beetal
SVJ Enterprises IPO23-28 Feb₹36Bigshare
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes IPO23-28 Feb₹41Bigshare
Patron Exim21-24 Feb27Bigshare
Sealmatic India IPO17-21 Feb225KFintech
Macfos17-21 Feb102Bigshare
Viaz Tyres Limited16-21 Feb62Linkintime
Agarwal Float Glass India10-15 Feb42KFintech
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products09-13 Feb25Bigshare
Indong Tea Company09-13 Feb26Cameo
Shera Energy IPO07-09 Feb57Bigshare
Earthstahl & Alloys IPO27-31 Jan40Bigshare
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals25-30 Jan30Skyline
Transvoy Logistics India20-24 Jan71Linkintime
Dharni Capital Services18-20 Jan20Cameo
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience16-19 Jan72Linkintime
Ducol Organics And Colours Limited09-11 Jan78Bigshare
Eastern Logica Infoway Limited05-09 Jan225KFintech
Chaman Metallics Limited04-06 Jan38Linkintime

SME IPO Allotment FAQs

  • What is SME IPO Allotment Status?
    • Shares are allocated to retail investors in an SME IPO through a lottery in case of oversubscription of SME IPO. Online SME IPO allotments status offers detail about the number of shares applied and allocated to the investor in an SME IPO.
  • How to check SME IPO allotment status?
    • The allotment status is available online on the registrar’s website. An investor can check allotment status by entering PAN Number or the SME IPO allocation number.Registrar of the SME IPO also publishes a basis of allotment document. This document provides detail about the number of applications received and how the allotments are done.
  • Where to check SME IPO allotment status?
    • SME IPO investors can check the SME IPO allotment status on the website of SME IPO registrar. Each SME IPO has a designed registrar i.e. Linkintime, Karvy. Register of an SME IPO is a financial institution registered with stock exchanges and SEBI. Registrars keep the records of the issue and ownership of the company shares. The registrar is responsible for allotment of shares to investors in an SME IPO, process refund, and transfer allocated shares to investors demat account.
  • When is SME IPO allotment status?
    • SME IPO allotment status is available online within one week of the public issue closing date. The allotment is announced by the registrar of the SME IPO.

Top IPO Registrars in India

As per the market scenario, we added top IPO registrars in India. Link Intime and KFin Technologies provide services to mainline IPOs while all the listed registrars provide services to SME IPOs. They are the ones that do the calculations based on the IPO subscription data and upload the IPO allotment status on their website. The investors go to the website on the Allotment date and check whether they got the allotment of the shares or not. Bigshare Services provided services to 300+ IPOs joined with Link Intime on the 2nd spot while KFin Technologies provides services to 225+ IPOs to date and the numbers increases day today.

Link Intime India Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
KFin Technologies Private LtdIPO Allotment Link
Bigshare Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
Cameo Corporate Services LtdIPO Allotment Link
Skyline Financial Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link

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