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Mainboard IPO 2023

A Mainboard IPO, or Initial Public Offer, is when a privately owned company sells shares to the public for the first time and gets listed on stock exchanges. These are big companies with a paid-up capital of at least Rs 10 crore after the IPO.

This list of Mainboard IPOs in 2023 gives information about IPOs at the BSE and NSE exchanges in 2023. Check 2023 IPO details, IPO reviews and analyses, IPO allotment status, IPO subscription and grey market premiums (GMP) abd IPO news in 2023.

Upcoming IPODatesSizePrice
Mankind Pharma IPO25-27 Apr₹4,326.36 Cr₹1080
Avalon Technologies IPO03-06 Apr₹865.00 Cr₹436
Udayshivakumar Infra IPO20-23 Mar₹60.00 Cr₹35
Global Surfaces IPO13-15 Mar₹154.98 Cr₹140 
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO01-03 Mar₹180.00 Cr₹590
Adani Enterprises FPO27-31 Jan₹20,000.00 Cr₹3276

Note for the Investors:

  • Upcoming IPO Calendar is based on the news we get from the internet so dates might vary sometime.
  • We are giving just information about upcoming IPOs with details. We do not trade or offer any grey market premium or Kostak rates for any IPO.
  • Current & Latest / New IPO List is based on the DRHP filed by the companies. Upcoming IPOs list of DRHP dates might vary at a time.

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