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IPO Allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status | Right here are the simple steps how to check the allotment status online or offline. As according to the present day SEBI regulations for the huge cap IPO’s the IPO allotment system will take 1 week. The registrars like Linkintime or Kfintech need to release the IPO allotment as according to the SEBI policies within 7 days after the IPO near. One could take a look at the IPO allotment thru IPO registrar (link intime or kfintech / karvy). To check the IPO allotment one should require below info. If the stocks are allotted the investor gets the information under the search button on registrar website or BSE internet site.

Things required to check the status
1) Pan card.
2) IPO Application number.
3) Demat account number / DP Client ID.

The IPO allotment is been processed by using the IPO registrar with the premise of allotment. The IPO allotment status should be available after the registrar finalize the allotment and it will be visible under the IPO Name that applied by the investors. The buyers are getting information through e-mail and SMS shared via BSE, NSE, CDSL and NSDL. IPO list date is likewise to be had on our IPO allotment page.

Check IPO Allotment Status & Listing Dates of Mainline IPO

Check the latest IPO Allotment Status. The subscription of these IPOs are closed and the allotment might around the corner. Stay tuned for the latest IPO allotment updates.

IPO NameIPO Allotment
IPO Listing
IPO Allotment
Sah Polymers09 Jan12 JanLinkintime Allotment Link
Radiant Cash Management30 Dec04 JanLinkintime Allotment Link
Elin Electronics27 Dec30 DecKFintech Allotment Link
KFin Technologies26 Dec29 DecBigshare Allotment Link
Landmark Cars20 Dec23 DecLinkintime Allotment Link
Sula Vineyards19 Dec22 DecKFintech Allotment Link
Abans Holdings20 Dec23 DecBigshare Allotment Link
Uniparts India07 Dec12 DecLinkintime Allotment Link
Dharmaj Crop Guard05 Dec08 DecLinkintime Allotment Link
Keystone Realtors (Rustomjee)21 Nov24 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Inox Green Energy18 Nov23 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Kaynes Technology17 Nov22 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Archean Chemical16 Nov21 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Five Star Business Finance16 Nov21 NovKFintech Allotment Link
Bikaji Foods11 Nov16 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Global Health11 Nov16 NovKFintech Allotment Link
Fusion Micro Finance10 Nov15 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
DCX Systems07 Nov11 NovLinkintime Allotment Link
Tracxn Technologies17 Oct20 OctLinkintime Allotment Link
Electronics Mart India12 Oct17 OctKFintech Allotment Link
Harsha Engineers22 Sept26 SeptLinkintime Allotment Link
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank12 Sept15 SeptLinkintime Allotment Link
Dreamfolks Services01 Sept06 SepLinkintime Allotment Link
Aether Industries31 May03 JuneLinkintime Allotment Link
eMudhra Limited27 May01 JuneLinkintime Allotment Link
Paradeep Phosphates24 May27 MayLinkintime Allotment Link
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services18 May23 MayLinkintime Allotment Link
Delhivery19 May24 MayLinkintime Allotment Link
Venus Pipes19 May24 MayKFintech Allotment Link
Campus Activewear05 May09 MayLinkintime Allotment Link
Rainbow Children Medicare05 May10 MaySkyline Allotment Link
Life Insurance Corporation of India12 May17 MayKFinTech Allotment Link
Vedant Fashions 11th Feb16th FebKFinTech Allotment Link
Adani Wilmar3rd Feb8th FebLinkintime Allotment Link
AGS Transact Ltd27th Jan1st FebLinkintime Allotment Link

Check IPO Allotment Status & Listing Dates of SME IPO

Check the latest IPO Allotment Status. The subscription of these IPOs are closed and the allotment might around the corner. Stay tuned for the latest IPO allotment updates.

IPO NameIPO Allotment
IPO Listing
IPO Allotment
RBM Infracon30 Dec4 JanSkyline Allotment Link
Moxsh Overseas Educon28 Dec2 JanBigshare Allotment Link
Homesfy Realty28 Dec2 JanBigshare Allotment Link
Arihant Academy26 Dec29 DecBigshare Allotment Link
Uma Converter26 Dec29 DecBigshare Allotment Link
Dollex Agrotech23 Dec28 DecSkyline Allotment Link
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations20 Dec23 DecBigshare Allotment Link
All E Technologies16 Dec21 DecSkyline Allotment Link
Gargi Fashion Jewellery IPO16 Dec21 DecBigshare Allotment Link
Arham Technologies 12 Dec15 DecCameo India Link
Baheti Recycling Industries05 Dec08 DecPurvashare Allotment Link
Pritika Engineering Components05 Dec08 DecSatellite Corporate Link
AMBO Agritec29 Nov2 DecCameo India Link
Amiable Logistics11 Nov16 NovBigshare Allotment Link
Technopack Polymers11 Nov16 NovBigshare Allotment Link
DAPS Advertising09 Nov14 NovBigshare Allotment Link
Vital Chemtech09 Nov14 NovSkyline Allotment Link
Rite Zone Chemcon07 Nov11 NovSkyline Allotment Link
Integrated Personnel Services07 Nov11 NovBigshare Allotment Link
Phantom Digital Effects19 Oct25 OctPurvashare Allotment Link
Frog Cellsat10 Oct13 OctSkyline Allotment Link
Pace E-Commerce Ventures10 Oct13 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Swastik Pipe7 Oct12 OctSkyline Allotment Link
Cargosol Logistics6 Oct11 OctLinkintime Allotment
Silicon Rental Solutions6 Oct11 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Lloyds Luxuries6 Oct11 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Indong Tea Company6 Oct11 OctCameo India Link
Trident Lifeline4 Oct10 OctLinkintime Allotment
Reetech International Cargo4 Oct10 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Cargotrans Maritime4 Oct10 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Steelman Telecom4 Oct10 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Concord Control Systems4 Oct10 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Maagh Advertising4 Oct10 OctSatellite Corporate Link
QMS Medical Allied6 Oct11 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Cyber Media Research4 Oct10 OctLinkintime Allotment
Mafia Trends30 Sept6 OctLinkintime Allotment
Insolation Energy4 Oct10 OctBigshare Allotment Link
Kandarp Digi Smart BPO23 Sept28 SeptSkyline Allotment Link
Maks Energy Solutions23 Sept28 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Varanium Cloud23 Sept28 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Tapi Fruit Processing19 Sept22 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Annapurna Swadisht22 Sept27 SeptSkyline Allotment Link
Ishan International19 Sept22 SeptKFintech Allotment Link
Sabar Flex India16 Sept21 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Shantidoot Infra Services14 Sept19 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Infurnia Holdings IPO14 Sept19 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Mega Flex Plastics IPO14 Sept19 SeptCameo India Link
Viviana Power Tech13 Sept16 SeptSkyline Allotment Link
Virtuoso Optoelectronics12 Sept15 SeptCameo India Link
EP Biocomposites08 Sept13 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Jay Jalaram Technologies05 Sept08 SeptLinkintime Allotment Link
Dipna PharmachemBigshare Allotment Link
Ameya Precision Engineers Ltd05 Sept08 SeptSkyline Allotment Link
Rhetan TMT 30 Aug05 SeptBigshare Allotment Link
Naturo Indiabull29 Aug02 SeptLinkintime Allotment Link
JFL Life Sciences05 Sept08 SeptKFintech Allotment Link
SKP Bearing Industries08 July13 JulyBigshare Allotment Link
Veerkrupa Jewellers08 July13 JulyKFintech Allotment Link
Mangalam Worldwide07 July12 JulyLinkintime Allotment Link
Sailani Tours N Travels05 July08 JulyBigshare Allotment Link
Modis Navnirman 01 July06 JulyBigshare Allotment Link
KCK Industries05 July08 JulyCameo India Link
Goel Food Products23 June28 JuneBigshare Allotment Link
Scarnose International22 June27 JuneCameo India Link
Silver Pearl Hospitality14 June17 JunePurvashare Allotment Link
Fidel Softech07 June10 JuneBigshare Allotment Link
Globesecure Technologies30 May2 JuneSkyline Allotment Link
Rachana InfrastructureBigshare Allotment Link
Sonu Infratech IPO10 May17 MaySkyline Allotment Link
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions29 Apr05 MaySkyline Allotment Link
Global Longlife Hospital29 Apr05 MayBigshare Allotment Link
Le Merite Exports05th May10 MayBigshare Allotment Link
Shigan Quantum Technologies8th March11th MarchKFintech Allotment Link
Ekennis Software IPO2nd Mar7th MarSkylinerta Allotment Link
Richa Info Systems IPO16th Feb18th FebLinkintime Allotment Link
Madhavbaug IPO10th Feb15th FebBigshare Allotment Link
Maruti Interior Products Limited11th Feb16th FebBigshare Allotment Link
Quality RO Industries 4th Feb9th FebSkylinerta Allotment Link
Precision Metaliks Limited28th Jan2nd FebBigshare Allotment Link
Alkosign Limited 27th Jan1st FebSkylinerta Allotment Link
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics25th Jan31st JanPurvashare Allotment Link

Top IPO Registrars in India

As per the market scenario, we added top IPO registrars in India. Link Intime and KFin Technologies provide services to mainline IPOs while all the listed registrars provide services to SME IPOs. They are the ones that do the calculations based on the IPO subscription data and upload the IPO allotment status on their website. The investors go to the website on the Allotment date and check whether they got the allotment of the shares or not. Bigshare Services provided services to 300+ IPOs joined with Link Intime on the 2nd spot while KFin Technologies provides services to 225+ IPOs to date and the numbers increases day today.

Link Intime India Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
KFin Technologies Private LtdIPO Allotment Link
Bigshare Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link
Cameo Corporate Services LtdIPO Allotment Link
Skyline Financial Services Pvt LtdIPO Allotment Link

Here are 4 Easy Steps to check the IPO Allotment Online or Offline.

1st: On Registrar website?

  • Log on to the IPO allotment link on the registrar website (Link Intime or KFintech)
  • Select IPO Name from the drop-down menu bar
  • Select Option from PAN Number, Application Number, or DP ID Option
  • As per selection add  PAN Number, Application Number, or Demat Account Number
  • Click on the ‘Search’ Button
  • You will be able to see your IPO Allotment on the screen (mobile/desktop).

2nd: On BSE?

  • Log on to BSE Website –
  • Select box ‘Equity’ in the issue type
  • Select IPO Name
  • Type Your Application Number & PAN Number
  • Click on the ‘Search’ Button
  • You will be able to see your IPO Allotment on the screen (mobile/desktop).

3rd: In Demant Account?

  • Call Your Broker or Login to Your Demat Account / Trading Account
  • Check the stock is credited to your account or not
  • If you got the allotment the credited shares will appear in the Demat account

4th: In Bank Account?

  • Login to your Bank Account from which you applied the IPO
  • Check the Balance Tab
  • Once you got the allotment the Amount will be debited
  • If you did not get the allotment the Amount will be released
  • If you got the allotment you got SMS “Dear Customer, Bank Name Account 00000 is debited with INR 00000 on Date. Info: IPOName. The Available Balance is INR 000000.”


How to Check IPO Allotment Status Online?

Just log on to BSE Website or IPO Registrar Website and Enter your PAN or Application Number or Demat Account Numbers to Check the IPO Allotment Status.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status Offline?

Please contact your Demat Account broker to find out you got the IPO Allotment or not.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status via Bank?

Log in to your Bank Account from that you applied for an IPO. If the amount is deducted you got the allotment and if the lien balance is released, better luck next time!

What are the other ways to check the IPO Allotment Status?

The IPO registrar sends the emails to the registered email-IDs of investors about the IPO Allotment Status. Check your inbox for the same.

Allotment Status of 2021. CLICK HERE

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