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Grey Market Premium 2023

The Grey Market is an unofficial marketplace where IPO applications and shares can be trad before the stock is officially list on NSE/BSE Platform. While an investor might prefer to avoid grey market transactions, they can still estimate their listing gain on the IPO share by learning its GMP. The assume listing price of the IPO share can be calculate by adding the issue price and the GMP, or Grey Market Premium.

Here, we detail the GMP and Kostak pricing of all active and forthcoming IPOs. GMP plus IPO cap price equals estimated listing price.

Price (₹)
Estimate Listing Price
StatusIPO DateLast Updated
Krishca Strapping SolutionsUpcoming27 Apr
Innokaiz India78 78 (0.00%)Upcoming28-03
27 Apr
De Neers Tools101101 (0.00%)Upcoming28-03
27 Apr
Mankind Pharma IPO321080
1112 (2.96%)
Open 25-27
27 Apr
Retina Paints IPO3.53033.5 (11.67%)Closed19-24
27 Apr
Quicktouch Technologies126173 (19.67%)Closed18-21
27 Apr
A G Universal46064 (6.67%)
[email protected]11-13
25 Apr
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components-35047 (-6.00%)[email protected]05-12 Apr25 Apr
Avalon Technologies IPO7436443 (1.61%)[email protected]03-06
19 Apr
Sancode Technologies IPO44751 (8.51%)[email protected]31-06 Apr19 Apr
MOS Utility IPO67682 (7.89%)[email protected]31-06
19 Apr
Infinium Pharmachem2.50135137.5 (1.85%)[email protected]31-05
19 Apr
Exhicon Events Media Solutions26466 (3.12%)[email protected]31-05
19 Apr
Sotac Pharmaceuticals IPO10111121 (9.01%)[email protected]29-03
17 Apr
Maiden Forgings-26361 (-3.17%)[email protected]23-27
07 Apr
Udayshivakumar Infra10 3545 (28.57%)
[email protected]20-23
04 Apr
Dev Labtech Venture85159 (15.69%)[email protected]17-21
29 Mar
Command Polymers IPO-4 2824 (-14.29%)[email protected]17-20
29 Mar
Nirman Agri Genetics IPO-59994 (-5.05%)[email protected]15-20
28 Mar
Bright Outdoor Media-4146142 (-2.74%)[email protected]14-17 Mar24 Mar
Quality Foils (India)376097 (61.67%)[email protected]14-16 Mar24 Mar
Labelkraft Technologies IPO125567 (21.82%)[email protected]13-15
23 Mar
Global Surfaces1839158 (12.86%)[email protected]13-15
23 Mar
VELS Film International IPO499103 (4.04%)[email protected]10-14
22 Mar
Sudarshan Pharma Industries IPO57378 (6.85%)[email protected]09-14 Mar22 Mar
MCON Rasayan IPO144054 (35.00%)[email protected]06-10 Mar20 Mar
Prospect Commodities IPO26163 (3.28%)[email protected]08-13
20 Mar
Vertexplus Technologies IPO8₹96
104 (8.33%)[email protected]02-06 Mar15 Mar
Systango Technologies IPO20₹90
110 (22.22%)[email protected]02-06 Mar15 Mar
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems IPO29590619 (4.92%)[email protected]01-03 Mar14 Mar
ITCONS E-Solutions451 55 (7.84%)[email protected]28Feb-2Mar13 Mar
ResGen IPO1.54748.5 (3.19%)[email protected]28Feb-2Mar13 Mar
Amanaya Ventures IPO-2 2321 (-8.70%)
[email protected]24-28 Feb9 Mar
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes IPO2.54143.5 (6.10%)
[email protected]23-28 Feb9 Mar
SVJ Enterprises IPO-43632 (-11.11%)[email protected]23-28 Feb9 Mar
Patron Exim-32724 (-11.11%)[email protected]21-24 Feb6 Mar
Viaz Tyres Limited62 64 (3.23%)[email protected]16-21 Feb1 Mar
Macfos80102182 (78.43%)
[email protected]17-21 Feb1 Mar
Sealmatic India IPO15 225240 (6.67%)[email protected]17-21 Feb1 Mar
Agarwal Float Glass India-54237 (-11.90%)Listed@44.0010-15 Feb23 Feb
Indong Tea Company2.52628.5 (9.62%)Listed@20.809-13 Feb21 Feb
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products3.52528.5 (14.00%)Listed@27.509-13 Feb21 Feb
Shera Energy115768 (19.30%)Listed@64.1007-09 Feb17 Feb
Earthstahl & Alloys IPO18 4058 (45.00%)[email protected]27-31 Jan8 Feb
Adani Enterprises FPO-11532763161(-3.51%)Withdraw27-31 Jan2 Feb
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals33033 (10.00%)[email protected]25-30 Jan7 Feb
Transvoy Logistics India107181 (14.08%)[email protected]20-24 Jan2 Feb
Dharni Capital Services0.5  2020.5 (2.50%)[email protected]18-20 Jan31 Jan
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience36  72 108 (50.00%)[email protected]16-19 Jan30 Jan
Ducol Organics And Colours23 78101 (29.49%)[email protected]09-11 Jan19 Jan
Eastern Logica Infoway2225227 (0.89%)[email protected]05-09 Jan17 Jan
Chaman Metallics29 3867 (76.32%)[email protected]04-06 Jan16 Jan

Important Points to Consider about IPO GMP:

  • The grey market transactions are unofficial and that is an involvement of IPO investors and the stockbrokers. It depends on the trust between both parties.
  • Read our IPO analysis before applying for an IPO.
  • The grey market rates are calculated and provided or sourced from the market research or the experts.
  • We do not recommend trading in the Grey Market as it’s illegal.
  • Kostak Rate is the premium one gets by selling his/her IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else even before allotment or listing of the issue.
  • Do not subscribe to the IPO on the premium given above. It may change anytime before listing.
  • Subscribe only considering Fundamentals of the companies.

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